Gorilla Tape – Silver

Attaches to smooth, rough and uneven surfaces.

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Gorilla Tape® Silver is extra strong, has double thickness and is incredibly durable. Whether you have a rough, even or uneven surface, this fabric tape attaches extra well. You can use Gorilla Tape wherever you want, indoors and outdoors.

The rough shell can withstand all types of weather and the double layer of fastening material remains strong, no matter what it is exposed to. Gorilla Tape, designed to be demolished and developed to be durable, passes the test.

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  • Robust and weather resistant shell

Creates a barrier that resists harsh weather.

  • Durable and reinforced lining

The dense weave reinforces, but Gorilla Tape can still easily be torn by hand.

  • Double thickness mounting material

Can be used on rough, uneven surfaces for extra mounting.

Så här gör du
1. Förbered

The surfaces should be clean, dust-free and preferably dry.

2. Användning

Can be applied to both rough and even surfaces. Attaches to uneven surfaces such as wood, stone, plaster, bricks and much more. For easier attachment, you can easily tear the tape by hand. We recommend rubbing the tape to the surface. This creates a better bracket.

3. Slappna av/förvaring

Creates a barrier that resists moisture, UV radiation and temperature changes under very harsh conditions.

Store in a cool and dry place

Vanliga frågor

    • At what temperatures is Gorilla Tape used?

    Gorilla Tape should be applied at room temperature. Well applied, Gorilla Tape can withstand temperatures between -0 ° C and 65.5 ° C

    • Can you use Gorilla Tape instead of electric tape?

    Gorilla Tape should NOT be used as electrical tape.

    • Does Gorilla Tape work on plastic / vinyl / rubber?

    Gorilla Tape contains a highly concentrated rubber-based fastener and adheres to most types of plastics, including polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). Gorilla Tape does not work on high oil or plasticizer materials such as PVC or rubber of EPDM. An acrylic-based tape, such as Transparent Gorilla Tape is probably better suited for these materials.

    • Is Gorilla Tape Safe With Food?

    Gorilla Tape is not recommended to come into contact with food, directly or indirectly, and should not be considered safe with food.

    • What do I do if I suspect that a human or animal has got Gorilla Tape in it?

    For medical emergencies, contact your doctor immediately. Call 112 in the event of a medical emergency. For emergency situations involving animals, contact your Veterinarian or animal specialist immediately.

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