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Transparent, durable and weather resistant.

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Gorilla mounting tape attaches quickly and easily.
This is a double-sided tape that provides an immediate, translucent and weather-resistant bracket, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor use.
Gorilla mounting tape has the ability to attach to both smooth and rough surfaces, making it perfect to use for attaching objects without the aid of traditional fasteners.



Fäster på grova och släta ytor

  • Double-sided tape

Coated with fastening material on both sides, for easy hanging of objects

  • Grabs right away

Provides fast and easy lasting bracket.

  • Strong grip

Attaches to smooth and rough surfaces.

* Weight limits may vary depending on the structure, porosity and flatness of the surface. Both surfaces must be completely flat to make full contact with the fastening material.
Sticks to smooth and rough surfaces.

  • adheres

Plastic **, metal, wood, glass, brick, ceramics, stone and more!

** Not to be used on wallpaper, fragile surfaces, polyethylene and polypropylene plastics or other surfaces without attachment.

Så här gör du
1. Applicering

Apply the tape on the back of the object vertically so that the weight is evenly distributed.
Cut the tape (scissors are recommended) and press to attach the tape to the object.

2. Varaktigt fäste

Remove the transparent protective tape and fit the item to the desired location.
Press hard while Gorilla mounting tape grips the surface and creates a strong and durable bracket.

3. Förvaring

Store in a cool and dry place.

Vanliga frågor

  • At what temperatures is Gorilla mounting tape used?

Gorilla mounting tape should be applied at room temperature. Well applied, Gorilla mounting tape can withstand temperatures between -0 ° C and 65.5 ° C

  • Can you use Gorilla mounting tape instead of electrical tape?

Gorilla monteringstejp skall EJ användas som eltejp.

  • Fungerar Gorilla monteringstejp på plast/vinyl/gummi?

Gorilla monteringstejp innehåller ett högkoncentrerat gummibaserat fästmaterial och fäster vid de flesta typer av plast, inklusive polyetylen (PE) och polypropylen (PP). Gorilla monteringstejp fungerar inte på material med hög halt av olja eller mjukgörare, som t.ex. PVC eller gummi av EPDM. En akrylbaserad tejp, som t.ex. genomskinlig Gorilla monteringstejp lämpar sig troligen bättre för dessa material.

  • Är Gorilla monteringstejp säker med mat?

Gorilla monteringstejp rekommenderas inte att komma i kontakt med mat, direkt eller indirekt, och ska inte anses vara säker med mat.

  • Vad gör jag om jag misstänker att en människa eller ett djur har fått i sig Gorilla monteringstejp?

For medical emergencies, contact your doctor immediately. Call 112 in the event of a medical emergency. For emergency situations involving animals, contact your Veterinarian or animal specialist immediately.

This is a permanent tape and can cause damage or marks to the surface if it is removed.
Not used where any dropped objects may cause damage.
In no case shall Gorilla Glue Ltd’s liability for damages exceed the purchase price of this product.

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