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The tough tape that combines high strength with perfect clarity.

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Transparent Repair Tape is incredibly strong and perfect for virtually invisible repairs.
This tape creates a flexible, airtight layer, indoors and outdoors – it adheres even underwater! *
Since it is easy to tear by hand and with an extra strong stock fastening material is Transparent Repair Tape ideal for professionals, do-it-yourself job , crafts and everyday use.
You can seal inflatable pools, repair camping equipment, phone screens and more!


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*Ytorna måste vara rena, jämna, icke-porösa och vatten måste gnuggas/pressas ut från under tejpen. Används ej på föremål under press eller på sömmar. Överlappande tejp kan orsaka läckor. **Långvarig extrem hetta får produkten att gulna.
  • Thousands of uses

Cars, camping, inflatable products, screens and much more.

  • Tear by hand.

It is easy to tear a strip.


Not only waterproof, but also attaches underwater. *
* The result depends on the surface and conditions.
The surfaces must be clean, even and non-porous. Water must be squeezed out from under the tape.
Do not attach to silicone or water repellent material.

  • High strength

This one is at least as strong as the original Gorilla Tape.

  • Does not yellow outdoors †

Weatherproof. Manages the sun’s rays gallantly.

Så här gör du
1. Ytan

Apply the tape on a clean surface for best results.
Airtight pockets are best obtained on even, smooth surfaces with tape on both sides of the repair whenever possible.
The size of the tape should be larger than the surface to be repaired and extend beyond all edges.

2. Förbered

Rub the entire tape surface hard, especially the edges.

3. Förvarings- och användningstips

Store in a cool and dry place. Use at room temperature for best results.
To prevent fingerprints, clean your hands before using the tape, and handle it only at the edges.
Use a straight edge (credit card or similar item) to squeeze fingerprints.
Store in the original packaging to avoid dirt and debris. Store in a cool and dry place.

Vanliga frågor

  • What is the difference between Gorilla Tape Crystal Clear and other tapes?

Gorilla Tape Crystal Clear is a durable adhesive tape for all purposes that is weather resistant, airtight, crystal clear and can be ripped by hand (that’s right – you don’t need a holder!).
Gorilla Tape Crystal Clear is ideal for thousands of applications and attaches to almost anything.
It can be used to coat even surfaces, it attaches to rough and uneven surfaces and can even be used to seal and protect surfaces.

  • Does Transparent Fixing Tape on Plastic / Vinyl / Rubber Work?

Yes, Transparent Repair Tape should work well on these surfaces.

  • Is Transparent Cooking Tape Safe With Food?

Transparent Repair Tape is not recommended to come into contact with food, directly or indirectly, and should not be considered safe with food.


    • What do I do if I suspect that a human or animal has got Gorilla Tape in it?

    For medical emergencies, contact your doctor immediately. Call 112 in the event of a medical emergency. For emergency situations involving animals, contact your Veterinarian or animal specialist immediately.

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